Ecotecture Now, The Journal of Responsible Policy, Planning, and Design, will be the official e’zine for the Global Community Research Institute. This blog site is devoted to news and discussion of green design & construction technology, responsible community planning, sustainability policy analysis & advice, and all other subjects relating to healthy culture, sane governance, and realistic economics.

Questions and comments on the content are welcome but, due to constraints, they may not receive a response. Submissions and requests for permission to use copyrighted content should be addressed to the editor, Michael Monterey, at > michael.monterey@mdcinet.com

Ecotecture Now is a work in progress, the contents may be freely copied and distributed for review, relevant comments, and constructive collaboration only. For commercial use, please see the copyright information below.

©2011 Michael Lucas Monterey
All rights of authorship under international and US copyright laws apply to commercial use of this work and all parts of it. Nonprofit uses for education, civic development, and humanitarian or governmental purposes are permitted under rules of the international Creative Commons License protocol. Permissible nonprofit uses of the contents or parts of posts require no financial compensation or royalty payments. Please give prior notice of intent, a pre-publication draft or proof for review and comment. Acknowledgment of this e’zine and the authors in any publication or article or copy issued, and a complimentary copy of the published article, book, periodical, or other media (featuring all or part of this blog’zine) are required and appreciated.

For more information, queries, permissions, notifications, or delivery, email the publisher at michael.monterey@mdcinet.com or call 760.500.6171


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