Michael Lucas Monterey

Michael Monterey, ecotect, author & publisher of Ecotecture NOW:

Professional Bio
Michael Monterey is an artist, scientist, pioneering ecotect, green designer, inventor, ecotherapist & author. Thanks to his maternal grandmother, Monterey began training in the fine arts at the age of four and, thanks to his father, at 15, in fine architecture as a draftsman and designer. By the age of 21, his talent and commitment to excellence led to co-design of hundreds of award winning homes and work on high profile projects like KCI (Kansas City International airport), the Truman Sports Complex (stadiums for the KC Chiefs & Royals), and other large building projects.  Monterey’s research in advanced technology began in 1969, while also beginning to do freelance graphic design.

In 1975, after several creative business ventures in jewelry design and production, fine craftwork and graphic design, he began studying the ecological architecture and visionary city planning of Paolo Soleri. That led Monterey to extensive research of community planning and ancient architecture and his discovery and development of neo-primitive ecotecture (responsible architecture integrating the best of ancient and modern concepts, techniques, and materials).  New theory, systems, and strategies for sustainable community development, integrating affordable neo-primitive materials, were inspired by the millennial sustainability of ancient buildings. Some, in the Sahara, are still in constant use after more than 4,350 years.

From 1976 on, in the Mid-West and California, New Mexico, Baja (Mexico), Fiji, Hawaii, Oregon, and South Carolina — often while building successful businesses, despite cyclic setbacks and hardships caused by the anti-green economy — Monterey researched and developed next generation design concepts, technologies, systems and plans for beautiful green homes, eco-cabins, eco-houseboats, eco-resorts & retirement communities. He attended the arcology workshop at Soleri’s Arcosanti in 1985, reconfirming his commitment to R&D of a multi-phase, evolutionary transition to the ultragreen city of the future.

Monterey began experiments with new formulas and prototypes of his neo-primitive Ultradobe building materials in 2003.  In 2004, he began the planning and redesign of the Life Restaurant Project, an ultragreen, 5 Star restaurant, featuring a raw, vegan, gourmet menu; and co-founded Green Community Builders. He then began design of an ultragreen Dream Home, the Hilltop Grove Project in San Marcos, California. Monterey began successful experiments with natural, nontoxic, nonflammable foam insulation in 2005.

Between and during recessions and business activities, R&D of new materials, products, systems and designs for affordable ultragreen buildings blossomed into a vast range of new styles, techniques, and designs. Monterey’s high-performance buildings integrate structural systems and features with dynamic passive-solar design for natural heating, cooling, and near zero, net-zero energy use and net-positive ROI and regular income for any climate or site.  Monterey’s experience with complex projects and ventures — including his own successful manufacturing and publishing  companies — reinforced his practical approach to planning for sustainability, affordability, durability, quality and beauty.

From 1967 on, Monterey was fortunately blessed by extraordinary experiences, great culture heroes, mentors and teachers. Growing interest in Tantric Shamanism and Buddhism led to devoted study and training with Tibetan Lamas and Rinpoches. Deepening insight and realization inspired Monterey’s first book project, Awakening 101, a hit at Borders Bookstores for 3 years. An expanded, revised edition and several other books, on ecopsychology, spirituality, ecotecture and the healing of culture are in progress.

Monterey currently enjoys living, working, and practicing Nichiren Buddhism in the progressive metropolis of Seattle, Washington.

For more on Michael Monterey and his work, go to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monterey-Associates/106368272778940?sk=wall

Press Bio :: March 18, 2011
Michael Lucas Monterey, is an ecotect, green designer, multidisciplinary scientist, artist and writer. Monterey’s training in the fine arts began in 1952, at age four. Training in architectural drafting and design began in 1964, leading to co-design of hundreds of award winning homes, multi-family residential projects and, later, work on large commercial and institutional projects with several leading architectural and engineering firms. In the late ’60s,  after several nearly near death experiences and transformative shamanic healing crises, Monterey began studying the healing arts, psychology, eastern religions and religious history. After studying the works of Paolo Soleri in 1975, Monterey began research and development of ecotecture, neo-primitive design-build techniques, green technologies, sustainable community planning, social theory and anthropology. He joined the Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism in 1982. His first green building projects began in New Mexico in 1988 and continued on in spurts, despite recessions. After several successful business ventures, including his first Buddhist book project, Monterey joined the Nyingma sect under H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. Monterey started experiments with his Ultradobe building materials in 2003, then invented a natural, nontoxic foam insulation. Michael Monterey lives in Seattle, Washington, providing green design, planning, consulting and innovative solutions for personal and global sustainability. In Seattle, Monterey was introduced to the authentic way of Nichiren Buddhism, which led to a greater blossoming of insight, realization, creativity, and renewed R&D in the field of mind/body healing. His current writing and consulting projects focus on cultural wellness and green economic alternatives.

Mr. Monterey may be reached by phone at 760 500 6171 or email at michael.monterey@mdcinet.com or http://www.facebook.com/pages/monterey-associates or ecotecturenow.wordpress.com

References & Testimonials

“Michael Monterey is a visionary architect and inventor whose designs have deepened my belief that idea-transformation is realized through the things we make: homes, dams, websites, computer programs, and the list continues.  His work now daily inspires not only the work I do as a philosopher, but it has transformed – in a good, green way – the way I look at the world.  His attuned, creative eye is bound to inspire anybody who encounters it.  And encounter it you may, through the artifacts he has been producing since the 1960s.  More than simply working within the green movement, he is one of the pioneers of this alteration (or restoration) of human consciousness.  It is an honor to be developing the Paradigm Builders forum with Michael.” – Lawrence U. Fike Jr., PhD, Philosopher, Writer, Composer, Educator, Founder, Acatainment LLC – fike@aol.com

“If we want a future our children can enjoy in this pivotal century, the human species needs deeper learning and skill sets adequate for a regenerative economy.  Presently, conventional universities are not offering what we need.  Most universities now seem to exist for the sake of MBAs, consultancies, corporate endowments, favors, grants, and elitist post-modernism.  Somehow, most of them seem to consider deep esoteric matters impractical, as if depth has no common, useful benefits, like a healthy environment or a better local economy or even having one at all.
> “Michael Monterey, ecotect and ecotherapist, clearly thinks and acts on the results of interdisciplinary adult learning experience, demonstrating that it fulfills these three critically essential needs: 1) Depth, 2) Ecological approach, and 3) Practicality. Michael’s work has been very practical, valuable, and supportive of our work with clients and KALGROVE’s program development.
> “Michael’s work in eco-psychology and green community development is deeply relevant to our global crisis and just in time.  I continue to gain from our evolving collaboration, from Michael’s constructive advice, and his comprehensive writing on the complex web of issues involved. For professionals, administrators, educators and students looking for a genuine green subject matter expert or designer, I recommend Michael Monterey and his work with my highest respect.” – Dr. Paul Wildman, KALGROVE Australia – http://www.kal.net.au & http://www.kalgrove.com/adultlearning

“Michael is a diligent, driven, self-disciplined, visionary architectural eco-designer, a great planning consultant and a committed team player.  His enthusiasm for achieving group project goals and unity is irrepressible. His insights are astute and useful.  His building designs are beautiful, innovative, timeless and highly functional.  I was very impressed and grateful for his contribution.” – Tes Kempner, Minister, Singer, Songwritier, Founder of the Universal Temple of Higher Consciousness

“I’ve known Michael since the late ’90s and worked with him on a collaborative book project in progress. He is a highly educated, dedicated visionary designer, and a hard driving, goal oriented professional. His ideas, concepts and innovative breakthrough projects show the attributes that a company looking for a competitive edge would find working with Michael Monterey. – Marc Kitaen, Digital Artist & Founder, Special FX Photo & Green Screen Wizard Studios

“Michael & I met while we were traveling and discovered a mutual interest in creating communities that better serve today’s populations; i.e., focused on awareness, spiritual concepts, being green, being convenient to the resources people need and to better facilitate connections between people. I found Michael to be exceptionally innovative when it comes to architecture and design, with very original and unique concepts. He is bright, knowledgeable, accommodating as well as very skilled with computers. Although I don’t have extensive experience with Michael’s work, I feel confident in recommending him for any position where he can apply his skills and talents.” – Joy Linsley, Independent Distributor, Young Living Essential Oils

“Michael has been in the green building industry since before it was an industry. As a Green Designer of custom homes he is full of forethought and always thinks about affordability, accountability, beautiful design, and future generations. I recommend him highly to anyone looking to create a sustainable, nontoxic living space.” – Ari Gronich, Achieve Health USA

Résumé :: Michael Lucas Monterey

Engineering & Architecture :: 1964-1988
Construction documents & design for James R. Lindsay & Assocs.; Phillips Engineers; Kivett & Myers AIA; Peter Keleti, AIA; Roth Architects AIA; Kelly Engineering; Wright-Styles AIA; John Stevenson Architects AIA; Foster Architecture & Engineering; Foster Homes

Green Research & Development :: 1975-2011
Missouri, New Mexico, Baja, Fiji, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Georgia, Washington; R&D of Arcology, sustainable community systems, developed “Neo-primitive” ecotecture, new millennial design & construction technologies, natural high-esthetic materials & techniques; appropriate technology & green energy systems research; R&D of site-specific, low cost, energy efficient home design for semi-arid, mediterranean & tropical environments, dynamic-passive solar design & structural systems with integral HVAC functions; R&D for eco-resort community planning; new low cost, high strength, water & fire resistant, mold-proof “Ultradobe” for diverse applications, climates & environments

Ecotecture & Green Design Projects :: 1988-2011
R&D of green solar adobe & composting toilet design, Ojito Farm
The Browns’ Residence, Manzano Mtns., NM; innovative ultragreen home, planned for:
> Fast-Track approval & Experimental Permit
> 10-Year NM Building Department study & monitoring
Agua Caliente Eco-Resort Project, preliminary planning & consulting
Life Restaurant Project, Green design for Exotica Gourmet Inc., San Diego, CA
Hilltop Grove Project, Green dream home design, San Marcos, CA
Bock Japatul Valley Residence Project, consulting & co-design, SD, CA
Sandwell Condominium Project, custom design, Carlsbad, CA
Green consulting, community planning R&D, preliminary design, Corvallis, OR
R&D and planning for Greening historic downtown Charleston, SC
The UTHC Project, eco-community planning & facility design, Escondido, CA
The Daly-Goode Project, utlragreen home makeover, preliminary planning, LA, CA
The Hanson Project, ultragreen art studio design, Lakeside, CA
R&D of ideal alliance building for grant funded green community development
Accomplishments & Awards
1965-69 > For co-design, multiple, annual NAHB Parade of Homes awards, Kansas City
1976 >>>> Discovery and R&D of Neo-Primitive building technologies & community systems
1981 >>>> Co-founded successful jewelry manufacturing corporation
1986 >>>> Discovered & developed the nonprofit community credit prototype system
1988 >>>> NAHB Parade of Homes Award (for Foster Homes), Sacramento
1989 >>>> Established successful nationwide graphics publishing firm
1994 >>>> NM Building Department approval for Fast-Track experimental permit process
1998-99 > R&D of Neo-Primitive materials & techniques in Mexico
2001 >>>> R&D of Neo-Primitive tropical shelter in Hawaii, first book published
2003 >>>> Developed new “Ultradobe” building materials
2004 >>>> Co-founded Green Community Builders (design, planning & consulting)
2005 >>>> Began R&D of natural foam insulation materials
2006 >>>> R&D of affordable communities & modular building technology
2009 >>>> UTHC Facility & Evolutionary Theater design, green community planning
2010 >>>> New Ultradobe formulas & book project: “Green Mind, Green World” & Strategic planning for Net-Positive, self-sustaining communities
2011 >>>> Established the Green Community Credit System, finalized Ecotecture Now: The Journal of responsible policy, planning, and design, and published the Green Policy Directives: The Sustainability Desk Reference


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