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For now, since nobody else wants to use this page for events, I’m posting for my new Crowdfunding event — the new GoFundMe campaign for getting the best new super food & drink companies up & running at the Next Level.


Hi – I hope you already received an evite, and read and considered my new Crowdfunding presentation at GoFundMe (.com). I also hope you find it as deliciously valuable as I think it is.

I just revised my main Cf page text and posted detailed updates on my GoFundMe “update” page. The updates introduce and explain the BASICS of my new BAAI Rewards for Sharing referral BONUS program.

The BioAlchemy Artisans Inc.’s (BAAI) BONUS program is designed to get my campaign snowballing into a viral social-media history-maker via Facebook, Twitter, and/or email.

So what? Your extra BONUS premium “Rewards for Sharing” will not only be valuable. If you cash them in on my amazingly functional foods & beverages, they would be as delicious as they are super-nutriceutical! They could boost your bank, your immunity, and your bliss.

I wish I could somehow let you taste what I can now only write about for this Crowdfunding drive.
Soon though, I will start hosting tasting parties again — then there will be lots of great mini-interview video clips to post — with lots of First Time tasting responses & comments.

My product lines (of goodies) expanded over the last 20 months, and all the recipes are fine-tuned. The amazement and sensational pleasure will be visible and audible in the mini-interview clips featuring lucky Brew of The Month Club members.

Some of the VIP Benefits (of major suppport) will be attendance at wonderful Tasting Parties and a “Soft Opening” + the Grand Opening celebration of successful Crowdfunding and private stock sales (up to $5 million) + pre-opening bonus events and after-parties + additional premiums, amenities, etc. (including attendance with guest celebs). Major supporters will be officially classified as strategic enterprise allies, qualified for participation in future Private Placement Offerings of BAAI securities (stock, notes, etc.). In this era of predictable monetary decline & volatility, I’m sure you will appreciate growing with BAAI from the beginning — for the Food & Beverage Industry version of Microsoft’s and Apple’s rise to phenomenal wealth generation.

Yep. That’s a very optimistic “Forward Looking” projection of BioAlchemy Artisans Inc.’s potential for growth to fantastic success. Yet, as you See more of the reasons, potentials, and opportunities I’ve targeted since starting the best food & beverage business (of the future NOW), you will surely See the probability of massive success as I do. Everything and everybody in the world is primed for the most delicious, effective, new super foods & drinks of the future NOW.

This is clearly The best new business venture I’ve ever started, with the most globally massive combination of potential and opportunity I could ever imagine. I hope you get on board now and enjoy the launch and the jump to “hyper-drive” with me.

BAAI and Source Brews, Elixirs, Etc. will soon be up & running & cruising at Warp Factor 9 — exploring the new frontier, going where no employee-owned corporation has ever gone before. Enjoy the ride!

Cheers – to Our Health & Common Wealth!

> My GoFundMe Crowdfunding Presentation


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