Modern Demonology

In ancient times destructive forces, negative functions, and corruptive influences are not understood in a technical way, considered in scientific, psychological terms. If obsessions or addictions became overwhelmingly harmful, they were seen as evil. In most primitive cultures, since life and people were normally harmonious and happy, bad moods or attitudes and symptoms of mental or spiritual illness that became vicious or chronic were seen as results of demonic influences. Today some ancient societies, including some of the most advanced Buddhist and Christian sects, still think of such harmful forces and functions as demonic, but is it inferior to using psychiatric terms?
… Most serious mental illnesses can be said to be psychospiritual disorders, in some cases with genetically predisposed, biochemical susceptibilities that turn into neurochemical addictions. For years Dr. Stanislav Grof has been curing incurable bipolar disorder (manic depression) with supplements specially formulated for each patient’s specific biological constitution, but science is now clueless about many other disorders. So, we may as well say that some people suffer demonic afflictions from beyond our normal frame of reference. Modern psychiatric labels and drugs may mask the nature of a mysterious illness or suppress symptoms, but fail to eliminate the causes or provide recovery.
… With deep contemplation, great sensitivity, and direct insight, Prince Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Buddha Shakyamuni, realized that negative emotions produce what he called poisons. We now have scientific names for the biochemicals secreted with fear, anger, and other negative emotions. Toxic adreno-cortical compounds have even more toxic breakdown by-products, some related to embalming fluid. So, really, what difference do the names make to the people stuck with poisoned brains and dysfunctional neural networks?
… Not much, if any. For a person at any level of wealth or poverty, having an incurable mental illness with no medically defined cause nor cure may be worse than being stuck in hell or a cyclical living nightmare. A person stuck in psychic hell might be rescued by a shaman or a miracle. Modern psychiatry just slaps on a label and doles out prescriptions. Some “doctors” prescribe zombie cocktails worse than the syndromes. Some psychiatric patients are taking up to 20, 30, or even 40 different drugs that do synergistic damage from the genetic to the metabolic levels of mindbody functioning. The excuse is normally that most of the drugs are prescribed as antidotes to side-effects of the antidotes to the side effects of the drugs prescribed to treat the side-effects of the main drugs prescribed to treat the initial mental illness. Though the overall effects and results are not well understood scientifically, a college degree is not required for experiencing increasing horror, disability, and death.
… So, maybe it is time to get real. Now that the oceans are dying and mass extinction is in progress, maybe we can talk about topics recently considered too extreme for polite conversation. Thinking about causes may be the best approach. What are the most likely candidates?
… After reviewing the situation for well over 20 years, it seems that the main cause is cultural. Yet, is it because we indulge a culture of addiction or of corruption, of betrayal, of violence, of death, of perversion, of delusion, of cowardice, or is it all the above?
… One fact seems clear enough, our lack of cultural integrity and individual and ethics is killing us and our planetary life-support system. Seemingly, to distract ourselves as much as anything else, we put up with demonocracy posing as mediocracy. Who cares? Not the corporate sponsors of demonocracy, nor the political puppets who due their bidding. It’s as if they would rather let everything get progressively worse and keep playing their game in spite of nature’s way, despite causing their own worst fate with the maximum future suffering for themselves and their children.
… The medical analogies don’t go far enough. These issues transcend the context of physical and biological doctoring. The brain damage and developmental retardation are real and relatively curable, but not with ordinary doctoring or material medicines. The appropriate medicines and the cure are to be found in the realms of spirit, religion, philosophy, and ethics. Many modern thinkers, ethicists, spiritualists, and religionists have failed to address the full scope of the problem and intuit the best approach, because modern society caused and aggravated a schizm between spirituality and philosophy, and between religion and science. Most moderns lack broad and deep knowledge and experience of both sides of the artificial dichotomy. Hence, a paradigm upgrade is in order and this is it.
… That means expanding the vocabulary and revising and refining the definition of some existing terms and introducing others that are new to some of us. Am I making this up as I go along? No, for over 2500 years the masters of Buddhism have developed a vast treasury of knowledge, ethics, and wisdom based on an integration of spirit and philosophy perfect for exploring all of reality, totality, and its nonduality.
… Since demonology is the main topic and exorcism of demonocracy (ASAP) is the goal, “demon” is the word to get the first green upgrade. Afterward, we can move on to the basics, like evil, good, etc…

Demon (demonic): In the time tested Buddhist sense of the word, a demon is any thing, idea, process, function, force, influence, attitude, intention, obsession, delusion, illusion, institution, organization, or habitual pattern of action [of mind, voice, body, or culture] that impairs, retards, impedes, obstructs, prevents, diverts, perverts, or subverts the fulfillment of our ultimate potential for total wellness, true happiness, positive development, and maturity. In this context, our ultimate personal potential is virtually infinite, including what we can call super-sanity and paranormal abilities. Total wellness, true happiness, fake happiness, and sanity will be defined later, below. This view clearly includes realization of the natural value of everything most relatively sane, intelligent human beings consider healthy, life enhancing, positive and beneficial as good and as intrinsic to universal life or being itself. This view also enables understanding of subtle or unsubtle problems and negative effects of what, in some cases, may sometimes seem to be good, as in doing or wanting something good for the wrong reason or at the wrong time. Essentially, a demon or a demonic phenomenon can be anything that is inappropriate to the best realization and actualization of our greatest potential. We are here to fulfill life’s creative destiny, its quest, the evolutionary journey of discovery and experience. Any excess limits or hindrances are fundamentally unsatisfactory, counter-productive, and contrary to our prime motive and nature.

Evil (bad, badness):


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